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Frequently Asked Questions

National Orbit Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old/young?

Our target age is 28-45, having said that we do have people outside that age range. After all if you are over 45 and still enjoy it why should you give it up? If you are under 28 and like the idea of the club why should you have to wait until your 28th Birthday? - Come along and join in.

Is it a singles club?

Orbit is open to anyone, there are single people as well as couples. It is also true to say that within various clubs there have been marriages and friendships developed due to people meeting other people with the same outlook on life.

Do I have to come to every event?

No, it is not compulsory to attend a certain number of meetings, but the more you put in the more you get out. If a club is hosting "something big" like a quiz night for example it is nice to support your club as "many hands make light work", otherwise it is entirely up to you.

Are there any rules and regulations?

Very few, we are flexible in our outlook due to the fact that we are independent of any other organisation. Please see our Constitution for more details, but it is fair to say that it is not too heavy, after all it does fit on a single side of A4 paper even with big print!